About us

Qingdao Sheridy International  Co., Ltd. is specialist in manufacturing and supplying stainless steel rigging hardware and railing components. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality products.

We are a vibrant company, so we continually search for the latest product innovations, better manufacturing processes and ways to reduce costs.

Our commitment - never compromising on quality and safety.

We also welcome OEM and DIY products or just opinion from clients.

Investment Casting Process:

1. Die Making 2. Wax Injection 3. Coating 4. Drying 5. De-Waxing 6. Inspection Equipments 7. Casting 8. Blast Cleaning 9. Final Inspection 
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Qingdao Sheridy International  Co., Ltd. Suite2109 Art&Technology Space , No.63-B, Haier Road, Qingdao, ChinaTel: +86 532 5557 9211