Product Description:

 How we execute the quality control?

 1 We have general approach to on-line quality control: We simply extract samples of a certain size from the ongoing production process  and then produce line charts of the variability in those samples and consider their closeness to target specifications. If a trend emerges    in  those lines, or if samples fall outside pre-specified limits, we the process to be out of control and take action to find the cause of the     problem.

 2 We also have the professional engineers to check the size, material, antirust and surface of the products during the production and       before every delivery, to make sure the good quality arrives our customers.

 For example, during the casting process: Before pouring, engineers will do the chemical analysis according to the chemical composition of different materials, if it meet requirement, then the workers will do the next step, otherwise, the raw material will be reconfigured again  until it’s ok.

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